KNMC Sportsis an entirely professionally managed company engaged in manufacturing and exporting the Army Uniforms, Sports Wears, MMA Gears, Compression Wears, Baseball Gears & Gloves. We made all possible efforts to make knmcsports big name in the domestic and international market, started this venture in 2010. Based in Sialkot city (a well-known in the world) Pakistan, we have well equipped manufacturing unit that helps us in meeting our daily production targets. Our latest technological developments always kept us ahead from others.KNMC Sportsa dynamic company, who have always had a vision to excel in the long run.


Material & Fabric Sourcing

At KMNC, we are committed to exceptional manufacturing and good-quality fabric sourcing. Our manufacturing procedure mainly focuses on making sports that do not bother ourcustomers. From concept to creation, our team of skilled artisans and engineerscollaborate seamlessly to create products that meet and exceed expectations. Weunderstand that the foundation of exceptional textile products lies in thematerials themselves, and we always try to keep our fabric sourcing at high standards.

Cutting & Printing Process

With professional makers, KMNC is alwaysfocused on making the sportswear the best, and to achieve this aim, KMNC'sprecision cutting and innovative printing processes redefine what's possible inthe world of design and manufacturing. With a fusion of technology, creativity,and intelligence, we continue to set new standards that inspire and elevateindustries across the board.


Our patterns grace textiles, interiors,fashion, branding, and more, leaving an indelible mark wherever they areapplied because KMNC's main aim is to make customers more reliable on KMNCproducts. For this, KMNC's pattern designers are visionaries who transformideas into visual masterpieces. And our customers always feel relaxed and happyafter wearing our outfits whose patterns are made with great care.

Pre Production

KMNC offers excellent pre-productionservices, and At KMNC, the journey of creating exceptional products begins longbefore the first stitch is sewn or the first stroke of color is applied. Ourpreproduction process is a meticulous symphony of planning, preparation, andinnovation, setting the stage for the remarkable products that bear our name.And all workers work hard in preproduction.

Sewing & Quality Check

KMNC cares about the quality of products, andfor this purpose, after sewing the best sportswear experts, quality checkerscheck the qualities of the specific article. At KMNC, crafting exceptionalproducts goes hand in hand with two fundamental pillars: precision cutting andrigorous quality checks. We understand that the journey from raw materials tofinished goods is a meticulous process that demands skilled craftsmanship.

Packing & Delivery

After making the bestquality products, KMNC cares about the packaging policy of products and packsthe particular article with a handle. With that, KMNC cares about the deliveryprocess and ensures that customers will receive their orders at their specifictime without any delay.